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In February of 2014, a staff member over at Forbes published an article entitled HELP WANTED: Young Financial Advisors. In this article, it mentions a former Merrill Lynch financial advisor being sentenced to ten years in jail for stealing over $2 million from clients. The author of the article also mentioned a book that explains why having more financial advisors are gravely important for our society's development. 

How often does a financial company come to your front door offering advice on how to manage, properly protect and increase your income? NEVER! The lack of Financial Education in our communities is at an all time high. It is time to break the system created to keep middle-class families dependent on government assistance or job(s) that take them away from their families. In order to achieve that goal, we must first look at ourselves and be accountable by seeking the information needed to grow in that area.

Money Mic was collectively created by Founder of Versatile Image, Michelda George and Ayesha Nura Founder of My Empowerment, My Way. With Versatile Image's passion for Financial Education, partnering with one of America most trusted Financial Services company to protect middle-class families was a no brainier. How does the lack of financial literacy impact the growth of your household and/or your community? Come join the conversation.

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